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The AKSTS Story

They're known by any number of names. AKSTS, Athlete's Korner Sports Timing Systems, the Hoopes or simply Jane and Gene. In an area where there are numerous timing groups, the Hoopes have been around almost the longest.

The family owned business was started in 1981, two years after the opening of the Athlete's Korner in Hammonton, NJ. Located on South 2nd Street in Hammonton, the sporting goods store catered runners in addition to selling athletic clothing and equipment. Jane, an accomplished runner in her own right at the time, decided to include race timing as a spin off from the family business. Jane credits long distance running legend and Olympic steeplechaser Browning Ross, for convincing her to get involved in business side of running.

AKSTS offers a wide range of services to fit any race budget, including basic finish line management, to digital clock or equipment rentals, or computerized timing. And now, website services. Clocks owned by the Hoopes have been on such prestigious marathon courses as Marine Corps, Disney and Mrytle Beach.

Gene Hoopes is a stickler to details who when not timing a race or working at the house or garden, is a Bulding mantainence engineer for Verizon. He measures courses to TAC-certified requirements. He has an answer for any problem that may come across at a race. He has made most of his equipment and is an expert in clock repair. Coolers, cones, vests, tents, time machines, clocks, coffee maker and even homemade weights for hold race applications on a windy day are a part of Gene's collection. He also has the ability to make ice! Gene's also a creature of habit, driving the very same truck he had when the business was started: a blue and silver 1978 Ford F250 which he has maintained and kept on the road through the years.

If you're interested in putting on an event - run, biathlon, triathlon or anything else. Give Gene a call. He will do whatever he can to work with you to made everything go smoothly. For promotion before hand, to race day, and even results afterward.


Athletes Korner Sports Timing Systems
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